Hartford, CT (March 24, 2021) - The CT Freedom Alliance, LLC is denouncing statements made today by Governor Ned Lamont, in which he brazenly mocked white male conservatives. Speaking to NPR on the subject of the possible institution of a COVID-19 vaccine “passport” that could be utilized by businesses to discriminate against their customers, Lamont remarked, “If you are a white male Republican and you feel a little grumpy about getting vaccinated, maybe NASCAR says you've got to be vaccinated to come in and see a race." CT Freedom Alliance Co-Founder & President Dawn Jolly strongly condemned Lamont’s speech as racially and politically divisive. “Had any Republican politician made such a demeaning statement about ‘black liberals’ attending an event that is stereotypically associated with their culture, there would have been universal outrage and immediate calls for his resignation,” Jolly said. “Yet of course we have heard nothing but crickets from the Democrats. This is just another glaring example of the Democrats’ hypocrisy and double-standard that protects only those who agree with a far-left progressive ideology.”

The CT Freedom Alliance is also fiercely opposing any proposals to allow businesses to deny service to customers based on vaccination status, or to segregate them on this basis. According to, “[r]ecent discussions with Connecticut restaurateurs touched upon them voluntarily creating vaccinated and unvaccinated eating areas, according to the governor, hearkening back to eateries' cordoned-off smoking and nonsmoking sections of a generation ago.” Jolly said the fact that such proposals are even under consideration is deeply disturbing. “Did we learn nothing from the civil rights movement of the 1950s? Are we seriously considering separating people based on their health status or their religion? How is a ‘vaccinated only’ section of a restaurant any better than a ‘whites only’ section?”

The CT Freedom Alliance is demanding that the Governor immediately retract his statements, and assure the public that segregation and other forms of discrimination have no place in Connecticut.

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