For 14 months our children have suffered in silence. Muzzled, afraid, sickened, and betrayed. Betrayed by the teachers and administrators who are entrusted with their safety and security. That's why we filed the CT school mask lawsuit in August of 2020, to put an end to this unnecessary and abusive treatment. This has taken far longer than we would have preferred, as our children are well into their second school year of muzzling, with a covid shot mandate for schoolchildren looming on the horizon.

Tonight we are pleased to report that the CT Supreme Court has decided to hear our appeal. As most of you know, our lawsuit was dismissed in May of this year by Judge Thomas Moukawsher, and we immediately filed an appeal. We learned today that the case was transferred from the CT Appellate Court to the state's highest court, to render a full and final decision on the orders to mask Connecticut children in schools. You can follow all of the case filings here. We will of course keep you updated as to the latest developments, including the hearing date (which has yet to be announced).

This lawsuit has been extraordinarily expensive. Please consider a donation to help defray our legal expenses as our attorneys prepare to argue this case. No amount is too small. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

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