Lamont: School Mask Mandate to End on February 28th

Today Governor Lamont announced that he will recommend that the legislature allow Connecticut's statewide school mask mandate to expire on February 28, 2022. The mandate is currently set to expire on February 15, 2022. Lamont said that after February 28th, masking decisions will be left up to each individual school district and health department, i.e. local control.

What does this mean for our school mask lawsuit currently pending before the CT Supreme Court? Is it moot? NO! We must still fight to win, so that the Governor of CT will NEVER AGAIN be allowed to do what he did to children in 2020-22. If we were to withdraw our case today, this Governor (and any future one) would be allowed to reinstitute this school mask mandate any time another variant emerges, or any other "public health emergency." Lamont himself said today that if "Zombiecron" were to come along, he reserves the right to reinstitute the school mask mandate.

We will not back down!!! Donate today at

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